How does it work? MsScooper will provide the boxes and the litter to your door. The first time we come, we’ll bring an extra box, so that your pet will always have a box to use.
We use sturdy, oversized boxes with one and a half to two inches of cat litter to reduce “kick out” and keep the area cleaner. These boxes feature snap on lids to keep the litter protected until ready to use. Simply remove the lid and replace your existing litter box. When it’s time for a change, just snap on the lid and replace the box. On your regular service day, put your boxes out, first thing in the morning. MsScooper will swap clean boxes or clean and refill your boxes.

Will MsScooper come into my house? No, we will leave the boxes near your door. Although MsScooper employees are honest and trustworthy we prefer not to come into your home.

Where will I leave the boxes when it rains? Please put the boxes in the same place every time. Regardless of weather, please be sure that the lids are secure.

What if I forget to put my boxes out? It is important to get your dirty boxes out early on your service day to ensure that we will be able to swap boxes. MsScooper will not leave clean boxes unless the dirty boxes are out. You WILL be charged FULL PRICE even if the boxes are not out. As time allows, we may be able to reschedule later in the week for an additional fee.

How big are the boxes? About 19 inches long by 16 inches wide and 6 inches deep.

What kind of litter do you use? MsScooper uses good quality clay letter, such as Tidy Cat Multiple Cat Litter.

Are other brands of Litter available? We may be able to provide an alternate letter for an additional fee. Call us if you would like to discuss it.

What if I want to use my own litter? If you prefer to use your own litter, MsScooper will provide clean empty boxes for the same price as filled boxes.

How often does MsScooper come out? Most MsScooper customers prefer service once each week. Twice a week service is available in many areas at a reduced price per visit.

What happens when it rains or snows? MsScooper works in most weather, but heavy snow or extreme cold weather can slow us down. We will deliver litter boxes unless a severe snow emergency has been declared. The boxes have snap on lids to keep the litter protected until ready to use.